QOCCA Notification App

QOCCA – Quick Outreach ComCent Communication App

Ever wanted to connect with your team or friends using voice communications rather than text? Well this is what QOCCA is all about. Avoid the confusion that can arise from text messages. Communicate with your team by voice instantaneously and get feedback instantly, don’t worry about finding them we take care of this too. Regardless of their location, QOCCA users can have instant discussions, sharing current information which allows timely decisions to be made providing effective responses in any environment. Whether it’s from the home, shop floor to the executive floor, from the offshore rig to HQ operations QOOCA communicates simply at the touch of a button. Whether a time critical situation or just a meeting to ensure everyone is on the same page, QOCCA is all you need.

Of course we enable you to use text as well in those situations that aren’t critical. For those of you that need to know where your colleagues are, we do that too.
NOTE: QOCCA is part of a subscription based service called ComCent and will require you to register first on the QOCCA website. For more information on the ComCent subscription service: enquiries@adtec.com.au

Once the app is registered then you can activate a profile on the phone. A profile is a person or a job role (i.e. Team Leader) that has been created by the ComCent subscription process. The profile is linked to a member which in turn is linked to one or more teams that have been assigned to the ComCent subscription service.

When the QOCCA app is started on your phone you are able to select a profile which identifies the QOCCA user on the phone. Any phone can load any profile that has been assigned to the ComCent subscription service. This allows any phone with the app loaded to be used if the phone has been registered by the subscription service.

What is a Team?

The concept of a Team is a group of people that have one or more services associated with that Team. A service can be one of the following:

  • Dial out to Team Members
  • Dial in by members to a scheduled conference call
  • SMS services

Teams have one or more members and members can be in multiple teams if so desired.

As an example when dialling out to members of your team, QOCCA in conjunction with the ComCent subscription service will dial in members of your team. Because of the potential need to contact your team as soon as possible, members may have multiple contact numbers (i.e. cell phone, business number, home number) and QOCCA has the ability to try each number in turn if the proceeding number does not answer.


QOCCA allows the use of mapping to allow team members to see where other team members are and also see their status. Once registered users can set a number of parameters which will determine how the app will function when running.

QOCCA Features:

  • Provides 24/7/365 access.
  • Voice services integration
  • Multiple profiles
  • Complete visibility of service activity
  • Service management functionality (release, add, redial, add from map)
  • Team mapping and tracking
  • SMS messaging to individuals or teams
  • Management console
  • Integrated license management
  • Audit reports
  • After event analysis

Notice : Some of the Telephone Carriers disable the caller ID when dialling an international number, in this case, you CAN NOT have full functionalities of our Qocca application as caller ID is REQUIRED for us to recognise you.

US Mobile phone might NOT have full functionalities for this version.