Need immediate communications with your team members or friends?  Want security?  Auditing?

Reach out to your colleagues or teams instantly and convey your message in a variety of mediums.  Send messages and images or simply talk to your team mates.

QOCCA provides fully integrated call conferencing, secure multimedia messaging  and location services with optional auditing capabilities.  All in realtime and all within reach of your smart phone or tablet device.

Simply set up one or more QOCCA teams and you’re ready to go.  At the push of a button initiate conference calls with your QOCCA team, send messages and see their location.

Capture pictures, videos or map locations on your device.   Send them to your team or individuals.  View their responses.  In realtime.  All with the built in security of Secure Socket Layer(SSL).

Create custom canned message questions integrated sets of responses to let your team vote on a topic or respond to a meeting request.

Make some users message responders and others receivers.  You can then broadcast messages to thousands of users who can only view, not respond, to the message thread.

Tap twice on any message to see who was sent the message, who received the message and who actually read the message.

Context aware location services let you and the other members of your teams track each other’s locations and call states.  Simply navigate to QOCCA’s map tab.  Note this feature is turned off by default for privacy reasons.  You need to opt in to QOCCA’s location services in the Settings menu.

Beginning life as an emergency services application QOCCA provides full auditing for all of the above services.  Search for and view previous message threads.  Use search filters to find conference calls that happened on specific dates and see who was talking.  If you enable recorded conferences you can even listen to the call again!  Once again, for privacy reasons, this is an opt in feature.

In summary:

  • Setup one or more teams of QOCCA users.
  • This will notify them to install QOCCA on their smart device.
  • Configure some users as responders who can respond to message threads, others as receivers only.
  • Activate a QOCCCA call service to blast dial your team and connect them into a conference call.   For full auditing pre-configure the call to be recorded.
  • View the location and state of your team members as the call progresses.
  • Create a new message thread.
  • Send and receive multimedia messages with your team or individuals instantly.
  • Find someone on the map and send them a message from the map.
  • Tap twice on a message to see who was sent the message, who received the message, and who actually read the message.
  • Go back days, weeks or years after and view a full audit report of any incident, whether it be a recorded conference call or a multimedia message trail.

Read on for a step by step guide to all of QOCCA’s features.  See for yourself how easy it is to get started with QOCCA!


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