Send Messages




  1. Message Threads List: press a thread to open the Thread View.


Thread View


  1. Back Button: go back to Message Threads List
  2. Title Bar: name of the message thread.
  3. Record Button: press to record a voice message.
  4. Text Message Editor: press to start writing a text message.
  5. Multimedia Menu: press to create a multimedia message.


Text Messaging

Press the Text Message Editor to send and receive text messages:



Record A Voice Message 

Press the Record Button and hold the screen to record and send a recorded message:




Multimedia Messaging

Press the Multimedia Menu to select a multimedia message type:



  1. Location: pick a location from the Map Tab and send it as a Location Message.
  2. Canned: enter a question and have the other users pick from a list of pre-defined answers.
  3. Camera: take and send a picture message with your device camera.
  4. Photos: send a picture from your photo library.
  5. Video: take and send a video message.



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