Open Settings

On the left of the Session Bar is the Settings Icon.  Press this icon or swipe right on the Services Tab to change your QOCCA settings.


  1. Settings Icon: press to open Settings or
  2. Swipe Right: on the Services Tab to open Settings.


Help, Profiles and Phone Settings


  1. User Guide:  press to view QOCCA’s on device user guide.
  2. Profiles:  open the Profile Selector to change your active profile.
  3. Phone Number:  change your phone number.
  4. Country: change your selected country.

 Messaging Settings


  1. Keep Period:  select how long to keep your message threads before deleting them.
  2. Video Time:  select the default length of video capture for video messages.
  3. Voice Gesture:  select the desired method to initiate a recorded message.
  4. Alert Sound: turn on to hear an audio notification when a message arrives.
  5. Alert Duration: select the duration of the audio notification.
  6. Vibrate on Alert: turn on to have device vibrate on message notification.

Map Settings


  1. Track Your Location:  if on you and your team members can track your location on the Map Tab.
  2. Map View:  select the default map view.
  3. Map Zoom Level:  select the default map zoom level.
  4. Update Frequency:  select how often your location is provided to your team members, for example every 60 seconds.



Press About to open the About Dialog:


  1. Agent Id:  the ID of your QOCCA agent.  For support reasons.
  2. Database Version:  your internal database version.  For support reasons.
  3. Data Version:  your internal data version.  For support reasons.
  4. Version:  your version of QOCCA.
  5. Role: your role.  See Roles and Permissions.
  6. Tab: tabs available to you.  See Roles and Permissions.
  7. Server: the QOCCA network server you connect to.



Press Sync to synchronise all your local data with that held by the QOCCA service.


After a sync you and the QOCCA data service are on the same page so to speak.


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