Roles and Tabs


You can assign roles to your QOCCA profiles.  These roles let you control access to QOCCA messaging according to the needs of your enterprise.   Each profile is assigned one of these roles:

  1. Team Leader: create and delete message threads, send and receive messages, run pre-defined services.  Add and remove users from call services.
  2. Responder: send and receive messages.
  3. Receiver: receive messages.


Your enterprise can tailor access to the features you wish to give to each of your QOCCA users.   Every QOCCA profile has a list of tabs he or she has access to:

  1. SERVICE: profile can access the Service Tab to run messaging and call services.
  2. MESSAGING: profile can access the Messaging Tab according to their role permissions.
  3. MAP: profile can access the Map Tab to see their own and other users locations.

ex Please note you can only see and access the tabs available to you.

To see your Role and Tab permissions open the About Dialog in your settings:



Privilege Matrix


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