Send A Canned Message

A canned message is a request or question you send with a set of pre-defined answers.  When the recipient reads the message they choose one of the answers.    You can use canned messaging to have team members:

  • vote on any question
  • provide ETA’s when out in the field.
  • accept or decline meeting requests

In fact pretty much anything you can think of.   If you have a standard process where your team members respond by choosing from a list of answers, simply create a custom canned message for your team and away you go.

To send a canned message open the Multimedia Menu and choose Canned.


The Canned Message Dialog


  1. Enter a question or request.
  2. Choose a response set.
  3. Press Done to send the message.

Response types include:

  • ETA: ETA 10 mins, ETA 20 mins, ETA 30 mins…
  • MEETING: Attend, Decline

Custom response types are available to meet your enterprise needs.

Tap twice at any time on the canned message to open up the message information slider.  Here you can see who replied and the response they made.    Al Pacino and Clint Eastwood can make the PR tour for the movie.  Jon Bon Jovi can’t.


The example above shows how canned messaging can be used to take votes on any topic within your team.   What canned message and list of responses would you setup for your team?  Make QOCCA canned messaging work to your enterprise needs.


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